she broke your throne & she cut your hair

"We just had a similar sickness." - Lydia Lunch on Richard Kern


SUSAN, 1990
“She was photographer Spencer Tunick’s girlfriend back then. I met her through him. She was real cute, real young, and was up for anything. This photo is from a time when I didn’t think anything of doing something weird with my models. Right after this setup, I shot her in another archway in my apartment, hanging upside down. The ropes broke and she just bounced on her head. It freaked me out! That’s when I realized that I have to watch what I do because if she broke her neck and I had the cops up here and she’s all tied up and dead, naked except for combat boots, what am I going to say? ‘We were just taking some photos’?”


The Bitches, directed by Richard Kern, 1992

fingered, directed by richard kern, 1986

my nightmare, directed by richard kern, 1993